Dolora Dossi

P1140643Who is Dolora Dossi? Hmm. Mother of Liam, wife to Jim, daughter of Peggy. My first impulse is to describe myself in relation to others On my own, I am a psychologist who just left a long-term private practice and many beloved patients to travel for a year around the globe. A few desires for this trip are to write, to find clarity around re-defining my career, and to soak up all the imagery and otherness of each experience.



  1. Melanie Evans

    Dear Delora,
    I hope you’re having a wonderful adventure!! I’ve returned to Sonora and work at the hospital as a dietitian. I hope you and your family are well and happy. When you return, can you please contact me? My e-mail is….Thank you and my warmest greetings to you!!

  2. Pam Slakey

    Delora, I’m so happy for you! It is great to read about you and think of how special my time with you was for me. I have just graduated with a BS in psych, and wanted to share that with you, you encouraged me so much. I’m looking for and thinking of grad school. You have reached your goal I’m reading, wonderful!.
    Well, happy travels, hope to connect with you someday when you are back! Love, Pam

  3. Sara Rice

    Dolora & Jim,
    It warms my heart to see that you’re able to do this. I just want you both to know, since you’ve both been so helpful on this journey of mine, that I’m graduating next month with a master’s in social work. Thank you both for being who you are. You have both touched my heart and showed my my humanity. Happy, safe, adventurous travels to you all.

  4. lil j

    Just had a day off, so I thought I would travel through your travel log. How have your wardrobe choices/travel gear experiences been? Would you make any changes now that you’re in the thick of it? We are going to visit Peggy today…me to chitchat (LOVE it!) and Adam to do some techmagic. I canned the pears from her trees and have a stash set aside for your pantry. Michaelmas is Friday and I am going to see if she would like to come along to join the festivities. Miss you madly. XOXOX

  5. Adam Robertson

    Hello Dolora. What do you miss the most (if anything) about the U.S.?

    • Jim Toner

      Jim Toner

      My mommy, my home, my friends, my work, and SIEREA WALDORF SCHOOL. And Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.


      • Brian Lobaugh

        As I live and breath…. is this THE Delora Dossi of Sonora Union High School fame???

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