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Day 1–Departure Day

Never Can Say Good-Bye I am not good with change. I didn’t look down from the Parrott’s Ferry Bridge, which was built to hover over the once-wild and scenic Stanislaus River, now the bland, murky

The First Flight

Instead of heading east, and east, and east–our wild journey began in an unexpected and auspicious way. We volunteered to get bumped off our flight (for a mere $450 each in flight vouchers: yes!

Cleveland Rocks!

People often asked us, “Where is the first place you stop on the world tour?” The answer elicits an arched brow, as in, why there? But the truth of the matter is, there is no finer place to begin

Cleveland–my home of homes

What can I write in one hour about our week in Cleveland?   I have just an hour because that’s been my week—lingering and lounging on the porch with my brother Joe and his family, alternating

New York City, part 1

Two days in New York City and I’m feeling too overwhelmed to write about our experiences here. It’s like the city itself, coming at you with so many images and sounds and smells that my simple Son

NYC, part 2

I suppose Times Square is like our Pier 39 in San Francisco: a place for all the world to gather but is itself not very authentic. What can I say, it’s not my thing. I don’t get dazzled by the tow