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A Break in the blog

We’ll be on a trek from December 3rd to… well, we don’t know how long but possibly as late as December 10th. During that time we won’t have any electricity or internet service,

The trek in the Himalayas: Part I

I’ve tried to start this blog a number of times on this Sunday night but I just keep deleting it. How do I convey to you these last six days of trekking up in the Himalaya—six of the most stunning

The trek in the Himalayas: Day 2

“You need to eat,” I said to Dolora.   “I can’t. I have to trust my instincts, and my instincts are telling me to lay off all food until I feel better.”   “But today we just clim

Trekking the Himalayas: All the rest…

Hikers tend to hit the trail by 8am and don’t arrive until late afternoon, so for seven hours on Day 3, Ghorapani and Poon Hill were ours.   To recap: Ghorapani is the village where all hikers

Trekking Part I

Sitting at the breakfast table at the cozy Peace Eye Guest House in Pokhara, Nepal, I wonder how I can possibly begin a 5-7 day trek in the Himalaya. I don’t even know what that sentence means: trek

Trekking: Part II

Trekking: Part II   On our way into Todhepani we passed beautiful white, gray, and black horses grazing in a tiny field. It was not unusual to have a horse or water buffalo nudge you out of the w

Onward to Sri Lanka

The unique thing about this around-the-world trip is that we meet each new country in relation to where we’ve just been. India was especially toxic after all those months in Italy and Greece and Tur

Week 1, Sri Lanka

  Our vacation from our vacation continues down here on the beaches of Sri Lanka. We spent a couple of gray overcast days in Hikkaduwa on the western shore, staying at the “Why Not” guest hou

MJ in the tropics

We left our hotel in the beach town of Mirissa at noon to venture inland and upland to the hill country. We said our goodbyes to Ashoka and his brother, both of whom took over the Paragon Guest House

Now Departing

Now Departing   Good-bye Nepal. We spent a couple of nights in Kathmandu in anticipation of flying back to Delhi, down to Chennai, and down again to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our love of Kathmandu had


5am.   What gets you up at 5am? For us on December 20th, we awoke in the darkness and packed and checked out of our hotel, then jumped in the back of a jeep for our morning in Udawalawe National

Trains, tea, and tuk-tuks

  Off to the train station we went, Liam and I at 5pm for a 45-minute ride one way and then turn around and ride another train back home to Ella. This is spectacular scenery up here, all tea fields a


Christmiss   I have been battling with some illness off and on for too long. Finally, on Christmas day, I told Jim that I needed to get checked out by a doctor. I looked up my symptoms on symptom

A Christmas, of sorts

I left off on December 24th, Christmas Eve, with a choice before me: to jump in a warm bed with Dolora and Liam, or bundle up and go out into the fog to Midnight Mass in Nuwara Eliya.   I opted f

Sick Kandy

We left Nuwara Eliya on a train at noon headed for Kandy and some medical attention for Dolora. As reported in previous blogs, she’s been up and down for a month with fatigue and a fever and very li


This has been a strange and unsettling chapter in our trip around the world.   We’re in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, a beautiful place at an elevation of 1500 feet with a lake surrounded by mo

Island Life: Week One

The first thing I noticed as I stepped off the plane was the air. I know this puffy, sweet air. It is the same air that engulfs you when you land on Kauai, Hawaii. This is a good sign. Anything that r

Elbow skin and New Year’s

Grab the skin of your elbow. Better yet, have someone else grab the skin of your elbow, preferably a child. Have that person squeeze the skin as hard as possible. Does it hurt? Squeeze harder. Does it