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Three Tickets to Paradise

I envy our life right now. While I am living it. That is the definition of an enneagram 4/neurotic.   I was beginning to have my doubts about Thailand’s famed beach experience. Krabi province a

Life of the Iguana

It’s now Saturday, or Wednesday, or who really knows what day. In the Vortex of Delight there is little conception of time. There’s a rumor that today is February 1st but what silly notions are th

Jimmy gets a haircut

Let me write about something important, something concrete and full of Thai culture.   Let me write about my haircut.   That’s right, yesterday I’d had enough—enough of Dolora saying m

Dreaming in Dreamland

It’s a Monday morning here on the beach of Dreamland. Thirty feet away is the ocean, and in the ocean are three swimmers in the placid sea. There are no waves. By that I mean, there are no waves. I

Eastward to Cambodia

Thailand has it all figured out. You go to the front desk of your hotel and utter a few syllables—“How do we get back to Bangkok?”—then pay not much money and just show up at 3pm for your taxi

Temple hopping

Here’s the scene: I’m sitting in a café along the river in Siem Reap, the town for all visitors to Angkor Wat. I’m drinking a cappuccino that really is a cappuccino, and so all is right with th

What is the Wat?

Where was I?   It’s now 3pm and I’m waiting for a Cambodian beer to help cut the heat. My shirt is sticking to my back and I can taste the moustache of sweat forming above my lip. And this is


We are now in a city in Cambodia called Battambang—a name that’s funny to say, as in “batta-bing batta-bang,” but a name that’s easy to remember.   I’m not sure why we’re here. Afte

Batta-bing Battambang

We left Cambodia a day early.   The original plan—and mind you, the concept of “plan” is always soft with us—was to stay in the town of Battambang for three days and then just breeze thro

Mine Fields

I remember seeing The Killing Fields when it came out many years ago. I recall being horrified and moved to tears. I know the names Kmer Rouge and Pol Pot. I know many people died for no good reason.

Lost in Bangkok… and worms, and Dead Monks

It was every parent’s nightmare.   It all happened in a second: I ran with Liam to the door of the subway in Bangkok, its beeping telling us that we had three seconds to slip in. Because we wer

Elephants and Soup and Jean, oh my

And now for something remarkable.   Think of the year. Say that number out loud. Now take a look at the date on the bus ticket that will take us tomorrow from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai (not to be

Down the river into Laos

Here’s the scene:   We’re on a very long boat going down the Mekong River from Thailand into the interior of Laos. It’s a two-day boat trip, and it’s fabulous. The river running beneath u

Luang Prabang

Baguettes, crepes, muffins, lattes with designs of flowers on the foam. Lamp posts, quiet yellow lighting on the streets at night. Sidewalk cafes with linen tablecloths over the iron tables, with wait

The Waterfall

It’s a little after 7 in the morning here in Luang Prabang. The dewy wetness in the air doesn’t surprise me but the chill does. If only I could twitch my nose, “Bewitched”-like, and have a Fre