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On our way home

This is it.   I never knew the burden I was carrying until we stepped into the Auckland airport an hour ago. Now, there’s nothing more I can do. I’ve brought my family around the world, broug

More to come…

Yes, we’re home–really home with my mug of coffee on my front porch. For now, just want all you readers of this blog to know that this site will go on, so I hope you keep reading and keep

Getting there

What is home?   When do you know you’re home?   What does it mean to be home?   ++++++++++++++++++++   We returned to America late Saturday night and holed up for two days with G


  This large latte set me back… $3.25. That enormous burrito shrank my bank account by… $6.25. A full tank of gas… $34.75.   What is this place? Did that overnight flight from New Zeal

America, Part 2

  It’s just another country on our round-the-world tour. Number 20, and we meet it and understand it from the previous 19. Gas, for example, is cheap at $3.90 a gallon after spending upwards of

America, Part 3

I wrote this a week ago but never posted it. In the spirit of cleaning up my loose ends, here it is, followed by the news that you’ve all been waiting for: my choice of internet and phone provider.

An American Portrait, #1

  “The name’s Jeff,” he said, extending his hand.   I introduced myself, trying not to wince from his vise-grip of a handshake. We were both here on a Tuesday morning to watch our boys

Who are we, what are we

A few nuggets on America society to go with your morning coffee:       + Since the massacre 18 months ago of 20 children at a school in Newtown, Massachusetts, there have been an additi

The Horror, the Horror: Our Phone Plan in America

The year is 2014. The date is June 11th.   Seven years ago on June 29, 2007, the first iPhone was presented to the world. Since then the technology has rocketed into the future. Where there were

In Praise of America

It’s Friday morning, 9am, and like so many mornings this past year I’m settled into a coffee shop to write about the life before me. In this case, it’s America—in all its glory and ineptitude,

Save me

    Do you think you know me by now? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve gathered a sense of me… as a liberal, as a hypocrite, as curious about other cultures, as cyni

This American Life

I’m beginning to feel this blog wind down. I’m beginning to feel that I’ve turned enough of my eye on America and now it’s time to move on. To Brazil? Yes, I ought to be in Brazil, ought to be

America the Dangerous

It’s noon on a Monday in America. I’ve now been home for three weeks and still I’m feeling fine about my country, about my home and community, about my life. That part of me that was conditioned

Fiddling Away the Doom

A rare sound in the night, and with it, a rare smell.     At 3 in the morning I sat up in bed at the sound of light rain on the roof above my head. For a moment in that gray area between wak

A Pancake by any other Name

  Yesterday morning I was standing in an aisle at our local supermarket, poring over the many choices for pancake mix. (“The tyranny of choice,” my Sri Lankan friend calls it.) A woman stocki

On my porch, looking south to Brazil

I belong in Brazil. Right now, I need to hop on the next plane bound for Brazil. Tomorrow morning I need to open up this laptop in a café in Rio, and write about country #21 on the world tour.