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This is in honor of Ruth Hagstrom.   I ran into Ruth at the local farmer’s market on Saturday. It was a gaggle of Hagstrom women—Ruth and her daughter Erika, and Erika’s daughter Anika—al

Soccer and Religion

  I belong in Brazil. Right now and for the whole week I should be sitting in a café in Rio in the morning, writing dispatches to all of you about the vibrant life of the streets during the Worl

He’s back….

  I haven’t written on this blog for a week, and even before that I was petering out. Last time I wrote I’d set up an arrangement with Ruth Hagstrom, or more like a bet, or more like a reward

Ain’t no stopping him now…

Let the record show, your Honor, that this is blog #2. Let the record further show that this is two days in a row, and that this trip for the week to Sacramento with Liam is not an excuse. A lesser ma

Finding my Religion

And on it goes, the third consecutive day of this season now known as The Resurrected Blog. Here I sit with my crown of thorns, with blood flowing from the palm of my hands, with a boulder cast aside

The Man with the White Porcelain Ring

What was in your dreams last night?   Mine? So glad you asked—as if you’d ever ask, you with your white porcelain wedding ring, you sitting there trying to sell me medical insurance when you

The end, of sorts

I loved yesterday’s blog. I live for yesterday’s blog. I opened up my laptop as usual with a single requirement: just to write, just to keep it going, just to take a step at a time. ItR

A new site

This blog is finished…   … and a new one that’s exclusively mine (Jim) begins. This new one is up and ready, though still in skeletal shape for a few more days. The address is w