The end, of sorts

I loved yesterday’s blog. I live for yesterday’s blog. I opened up my laptop as usual with a single requirement: just to write, just to keep it going, just to take a step at a time. It’s my job and my job only to record whatever mysteries decide to visit my fingertips for the day. After all, I’m just the stenographer here.


Yesterday was different. Without any preconception I found myself starting to write from the vantage point of the old lady I mentioned on Monday, the one to whom the younger guy with the white wedding ring was selling medical insurance. It was a blast to write, and I really thought my joy would be your joy, too.


How fun! How fun to find the viewpoint of an 84-year-old lady within me, and then to render it without flinching. Hey, I’m just an actor here, delivering lines of another human, and just as I don’t accuse the actress depicting Lady Macbeth as a homicidal maniac, I never imagined that the mind of Betty, the old lady, would be misconstrued as me, a 57-year-old white dude.


Apparently it did. And apparently, since this blog began as a family record of an around-the-world tour, it reflects on more than just me.


For that reason, this blog––now officially ends… and another begins in its place. Just to be clear, this blog is not ending with an apology but with a reminder that fiction is fiction, and a reminder to myself to continue to write crazy stories like yesterday’s until I turn to dust. Or other stories, or more observations, or whatever–as long as I return like a cobbler to my bench each morning, which requires discipline and a leap of faith. It really does help if there is at least one reader out there, so I hope one or two or three of you come along for the next ride.


Another site is being prepared today. I hope that it’ll be ready tomorrow, with this web address:


This site––will continue to exist, at least until it seems pointless. I think it might have value to travelers out there, especially those with families.


For the record, I DID complete my deal of 4 blogs in a row, so bring on the rewards. I’ll transfer those blogs from this week onto the new site.




Before taking this U-turn in spirit, I had been writing at my usual cafe here in Sacramento. For what it’s worth, here’s as far as I got:




The Fellowship of the Blog is bursting! The tent is filling up, the line of believers down to the river of salvation is twisting around the block. Stacey, come on down! Join Susan and Kristi and Katie and Lainie and Ruth—and Hollie if she responds to extortion.


That’s right. I’m talking 7—yes, 7 believers!—with the courage to step forward from their pew with arms raised, with the gift of tongues making them blather with the seizure of blog-love. Seven believers—or should I say, 7 apostles, 7 courageous she-apostles so consumed with belief that they’ll be hitting the streets and the airwaves with the Good Word of Jimmy T-Bone, the Blog of Salvation. Don’t be surprised if you hear a knock on your door this afternoon, whether it be Sonora or Cleveland or Bellingham, Washington, and hear this:


“Good day, sir, how are you today?”


“What you sellin’?”


“Laughter and insight.”


“Shit, I get that from Rush ever mornin’, don’t need no more.”


“Turn off Rush and turn on Jimmy T.”


“What’s that you saying? Turn off Rush? May as well turn off this oxygen tank keeping me alive.”


“I’ll make you a deal. You read the blog of Jimmy T-bone for two days straight and I’ll replace that Confederate flag out front that’s tattered on the edges.”


“Ol’ Bessie?”


“Ol’ Bessie’s seen better days.”


“Hmmm, she sure has. Then you got yourself a deal, young lady. C’mon in, time for a Bud Light. Used to drink just your usual Bud till I ran out of notches in my belt, figured it time to get my figger back.”




Go forth, apostles. Go forth, and for the first of ye that brings back the soul of a man, you’ll win a pound of pistachios.


We’re waiting on you, Allen. We’re waiting on you, Stefan.




And that’s it, folks.


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  1. Jana

    Are you starting a blog co-op? I have a blog that has been carried from one server to the next for the last 15 years.
    I would be happy to join and make it an even 8- but wait-what are we doing?

    Should I be scared?

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